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How Synthetic Marijuana Can Still Ruin Your Life

The majority of people understand that certain drugs and substances fall into the category of a “controlled substance.” However, many people assume that synthetic marijuana is legal, when it can actually lead to a drug charge and criminal case that could have consequential impacts on you and your loved ones’ lives. What is Synthetic Marijuana? […]

5 Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are numerous forms of personal injury cases. Almost too many for one person to keep track of. As humans, we fear what we do not know. And many people involved in a personal injury case are not aware of all of the facts. Most people only know what is rumored or what is spread […]

Is it possible to Remove your Name from the Florida Sex Offender Registry?

Is it possible to Remove your Name from the Florida Sex Offender Registry? May 16, 2016 Rose M. Feller, Esq. You probably know the severe consequences of registering as a sex offender if you’re asking this question. Defendants often don’t even know that pleading guilty to certain offenses triggers registration! That’s because Florida courts have […]

Just a Ticket for Marijuana Possession?

Police handing out “tickets” or “citations” for possession of small amounts of marijuana (under 20 grams or approximately 2/3 of an ounce) is becoming increasingly common. This is especially true in Orange county. You make think you’ve dodged a bullet and believe there’s no criminal case. But the truth is very different. Paying that ticket […]